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Rating and reviews for Lei Zhu from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Okay professor, her online lectures are better than her in class ones. when on one topic, tends to carry on and forget the time limit. Tough GraderLOTS OF.

Rating and reviews for Paul Harris from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Professor Harris is such a nice dude and is very helpful with any question you may have. There were a few written assignment, a midterm, and the final.

Rating and reviews for Tom Elmer from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

I had to repeat this class and Dorn is way better than the last professor I had. His explanations made sense and we got to use excel to do the calculations. I understand stats better and I got to learn Excel too. Good professor even though kind of.

Rating and reviews for Drew Anderson from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. One of the few professors that don't dump enormous projects or papers in your lap. He recognizes that students learn in different ways, providing.

West Chester is one of the best schools in PA. Super affordable tuition, great area and lots to do whether under or above 21 years old. Campus is beautiful and recently all buildings are updated to be super high tech, town is great full of A+.

Sample Letter To Professor About Grades While most are slow-growing (low-grade. Ph.D., ALT expert and assistant professor of pathology and oncology at Johns Hopkins, explains that at the end of each chromosome in a cell’s nucleus, a. I know this is a shot in the dark, but you are almost the only professor I could even ask. and it would take

Dr. Gopal is one of the funniest and caring professors of all time. He's also ridiculously smart. had him for a week long summer class. One of the best experiences of my life. He's so laid back and chill. Seriously, take this professor. He wants.

Professor Fiorenza is one of the sweetest and caring professors I have come across at West Chester. She genuinely cares about you and your work. She is very helpful and willing to work with you when it comes to grades. There was 3 or 4.

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Rating and reviews for Professor Lawrence Davidson from West Chester University of Pennsylvania West Chester, PA United States.

Rating and reviews for Professor Eleanor Brown from West Chester University of Pennsylvania West Chester, PA United States.

Awesome professor easy class. Took this as a blended and only had one class in person each week. The review he gives is twice as hard as the test so if your able to do that youll get a 100 on the tests. 3 exams per semester and homework.

By far my favorite professor so far. Explains topics well and will always try to help you understand if you don't the first time. Always had me laughing in lectures and I definitely learned a lot. Skip class? You won't pass.HilariousAmazing lectures.

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Dr. Pagan was a great professor. He didn't take attendance & didn't give homework. Your grade in this class is up to you if you decide to go to class and study. This class is based on 4 tests and labs (which will save you because they are easy.

Rating and reviews for Sophia Vilceus from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Professor Sunshine was by far my favorite professor this semester, she is very caring and is always there for help if you need it! I 100% recommend taking.

Rating and reviews for Thomas Kovach from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Most of the assignment were easy because they are based on your outlook of the subject. Just make sure you show up, participate, and do the.

Rating and reviews for Monica Treichel from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

Rating and reviews for Charles Rupert from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Check out Similar Professors in the Philosophy Department. 5.00Donovan Martin · 5.00Mary Ellen O'Donnell · 5.00Michael Weaver. 3 Student Ratings; 0.