Daniel Lassiter Nyu Linguistics Dissertation

Daniel Lassiter. Ph. D. dissertation. Department of Linguistics. New York University. September 2011. (Slight revisions affecting §§3.7-3.8.1, 11/17/11). Advisors:.

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The best survey of cognitive linguistics available, this Handbook provides a thorough explanation of its rich methodology, key results, and interdisciplinary context. With in-depth coverage of the.

And there is a controversy of just this type bubbling away for many years now in linguistics. Most recently. it was considered a problem for the core ideas of a man whom The New York Times.

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10 Mar 2016. ​The qualifying papers, working papers, and dissertations this work has led to. – ​The sorts of events that take. Algebraic Semantics: Linguistic Applications of Mereology. Chris Barker. Distinction. Lassiter, Daniel. 2011.

15 Jun 2016. to do research at the intersection of linguistics and computer science. Among. and turn my aspect project into a dissertation there. None of us. Chris Kennedy , Manuel Križ, Manfred Krifka, Daniel Lassiter, Chris LaTerza,

4 Dec 2018. Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics Series.. Daniel Lassiter (NYU, 2011), “Measurement and Modality: The Scalar Basis of Modal.

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) yesterday announced the award of five fellowships, 32 institutional grants, and six doctoral dissertation.

Over the past week, I’ve been visiting a variety of museums in order to collect primary data for my Ph.D. dissertation. My first stop was the Museum of Winchester to collect data and information from.

Daniel Lassiter. Assistant professor. D Lassiter. PhD dissertation, New York University, 2011. D Lassiter. Semantics and Linguistic Theory 20, 197-215, 2010.

9:00-9:15, Welcome: Roger Schwarzschild, Chair, Department of Linguistics Opening remarks:. 11:00-11:40, Daniel Lassiter (NYU) Nouwen's puzzle and a.

Thomas Leu. A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment. this thesis. In a sense I got into linguistics pretty much by doing whatever I thought was fun. Michal was my first advisor at NYU, which was very lucky for me! His classes. Bill Haddican, Patricia Irwin, Dan Lassiter, Peter Liem (I'm looking forward to our common.

Daniel Lassiter. Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Stanford University. Research. Ph.D. dissertation, NYU Linguistics, 2011 (supervisor: Chris Barker).

New York Times. After majoring in linguistics as an undergrad at Harvard, Thompson changed course upon traveling to Japan, where she fell in love with the country’s art. She now specializes in.

Advisors: Matthew Lassiter, Phil Deloria Dissertation: The Colorblind Turn in Indian Country: Lumbee Indians, Civil Rights, and Tribal State. Assistant Professor, Middle Eastern Studies, New York University. Jonathan. Postdoc, Linguistics, University of California-Berkeley. Daniel Birchok, PhD in Anthropology & History

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Causal Models in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, Daniel Lassiter. ( The French National Center for Scientific Research and New York University).

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Daniel Lassiter. The result is a probabilistic theory of linguistic representation that retains a classical. PhD thesis, U.C., Santa Cruz (1997)Google Scholar. 15.

work in this dissertation and elsewhere would never have gotten done if it weren't. Outside of my committee I want to thank all the other NYU linguistics. including especially Eric Besson, Jon Brennan, Andrea Cattaneo, Dan Lassiter, Tom.

Phillippa Purdy (M.S. ’13) has been appointed Clinical Dietician at The Osborn Retirement Community in Rye, New York. Daniel Schwartz (Ph.D. ’92. Sousanis (Ed.D. ’14), considered the first.

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Daniela D’Eugenio, senior lecturer in Italian B.A., Italian Literature and Language University (Chieti, Italy), 2007 M.A., Italian Philology and Linguistics University. at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Sean Burns, an assistant professor of information science at the University of Kentucky whose PhD research was supported in part by a Beta Phi Mu/Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation. New York.

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In Part Two, Douglas Reeves, Jessica Torres, Melissa Eddington, Jared Covili, Daniel R. Venables and Harry Fletcher. Services for Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES, one of New York’s 37 regional.

25 Jul 2019. 1991 PhD, Linguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz, under. 1992 Chris Barker and David Dowty (eds). 2011 Daniel Lassiter.

Daniel Lassiter. Frank 2013; Goodman & Lassiter 2014), which combine Gricean and game-theoretic. knowledge about the resolution of linguistic variables, and so no reason to favor any. Semantics: New York University dissertation.

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Recently, in a response to a New York Times article titled ‘Uptown. ‘I didn’t want preferential treatment while I was doing my dissertation,’ she said. ‘David’s grand-father was this highly.

23 Feb 2018. Linguistics and Philosophy. Special thanks to David Plunkett. Dan Harris, Nathan Howard, Phil Kremer, Dan Lassiter, Sven Lauer, Robert May, Ph.D. Dissertation. NYU.Google Scholar. Lassiter, D. (2016). Linguistic and.

Amaral, Theres Grueter, Dan Lassiter, Tine Breban, Lucas Champollion, Fabio del Prete, and. connects semantic content, as it is studied in linguistics, with language use, and in-. Radical Pragmatics, Academic Press, New York, NY, pp.

Ithaca College The following local students were named to the spring semester dean’s list at the college in Ithaca, New York. Joseph Brozek. Hatfield: Jessica Suriano, linguistics. Northampton:.

This book is a descendant of my 2011 NYU thesis Measurement and. Lassiter ( 2015c), this debate is not really about modal semantics: it is a foundational.

The topic of my doctoral dissertation research in Professor Doug Landis’ lab. Knowing what to teach is not the same thing as knowing how to teach.. Student view: Daniel Mitchell: Lab, Lab,

As she continues her research and moves forward with writing her dissertation, she hopes to make an impact. is not the same thing as knowing how to teach.. Student view: Daniel Mitchell:.

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A letter by King Chulalongkorn to Prince Damrong, August 1891. Dissertation pp.107. It is safe to say that King Mongkut had successfully and carefully laid and introduced new conceptual thinking to.

2.4 Formal semantics for evidentials: cross-linguistic applications…… 50. Jesse Harris, Vincent Homer, Vadim Kimmelman, Dan Lassiter, Sven Lauer, Lisa Matthewson, Alda Mari. D. thesis, New York University. Lassiter, D.